Scatter Frames

We have had lots of fun finding interesting frames to add to our collection. We have been inspired by the new trend called scatter framing. Garage Sales, Secondhand or Thrift Stores and even the tried and true Dollar Stores are all great places to find unusual frames. Once you have a variety that you like, clean them up, spread them

White Frames

all out and spray paint them with some white acrylic paint. The frames themselves become the artwork. Use your imagination and creativity in arranging them on your wall. You may place photos in one or two or you may have ornamental pieces you would like to place inside them.

If stark white is not your taste choose some acrylic paint in pastel colors. With a stiff brush paint it over the white and then with a paper towel wipe it off. The paint will remain in the design giving your frames a country antique look.ScatterFrameColor

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