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Diets to Remember!

I, like countless others, have gained and lost many a pound over my entire lifetime. I once sat down and tried to list all of the 'diets' I tried over the years. Besides the name brand diets, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers (I lost 60 lbs. on Weight Watchers) Slim-Fast, NutriSystems, etc. there were these fad… Continue reading Diets to Remember!

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Building Material for a Gracious Christian Life

It matters what we believe. Have you heard about "Fake News?" "Fake News" is nothing new. Since the dawn of time, someone has always been trying to get someone else to believe a lie. My kids were experts at this. My daughter manipulated her brothers by telling them, "Mom said." What they believed changed their… Continue reading Building Material for a Gracious Christian Life

Gracious Christian Living

5 Blessings of a Journal

One of the most enriching things I have ever added to my Amazing Christian Life, is that of keeping a journal. 1)        Sermon and Bible Study Notes As any student will tell you, taking notes is essential to learning material. Taking notes during a Pastor's message helps to keep our minds from wandering and helps… Continue reading 5 Blessings of a Journal

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Life is Like a Closet

You know the feeling. You just finished cleaning out and organizing your closet.  You look at it with real appreciation realizing how much easier it will be to plan outfits and find things that fit! If you are like me, and hate to try things on in the store, you probably had clothes that never… Continue reading Life is Like a Closet

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Writing Your First Book

Women often tell me, "I would like to write a book someday." My answer is always an enthusiastic, "Do it! What are you waiting for?" My children will tell you that over the years I have filled up notebook after notebook and then hard drives too! I do not know how many books I have… Continue reading Writing Your First Book

Gracious Christian Living

The Spirit of Grace

A women's dean once told a story that I have never forgotten.  One day a young woman came storming into her office. In the women's dorms were washers and dryers that were shared by all of the residents. It seems one of the other young ladies had forgotten her clothes in one of the dryers.… Continue reading The Spirit of Grace