From Promise to Praise

Promise to Praise

He is Risen!

Sometimes I think we gloss over the desperation Adam and Eve experienced after they ate of the forbidden fruit.  Everything was lost.  Their sweet fellowship with God, their lovely home, their security, their peace, their joy, and their innocence were all gone! They tried to fix it.  They sewed fig leaves. And yet when they… Continue reading He is Risen!

Promise to Praise

What Motivates You?

When you woke up this morning, what got you out of bed? When you face a sink full of dishes or a stack of paperwork or an inbox full of emails, what gets you pressing into the job ahead? There are different reasons we do the things we do each day. To meet a physical… Continue reading What Motivates You?

Promise to Praise

The Cost of Unbelief

We rarely consider the things we are robbed of because of doubt. Doubt is often regarded as a positive trait. It is deemed a reasonable response to the promises of God. And no wonder, when we reflect upon the many promises made by men and never fulfilled. "But God is not a man, that He… Continue reading The Cost of Unbelief

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Where is God in our Adversity?

Right now, there are hurting people all across our country and all around the world. Homes have been lost. Lives have been devastated. Innocent people have been victimized. Families are grieving over the loss of loved ones. People are suffering and hurting and trying to make sense of what is happening. Most of them never expected… Continue reading Where is God in our Adversity?

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The END is here again? Yes, it is predicted once again that on September 23 the world will end. Hearing this prompted me to do a Google search on the end of the world. I guess I am not surprised by the results. The end of the world is a popular subject. Do you remember these… Continue reading THE END IS NEAR!

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4 Things You Should Do Every Day

This lesson will surprise you. It did me. 1)        Do something for God. I know what you are thinking. Do those things we are taught to do over and over, pray, read your Bible, go to Church, give, etc. But, those are things that are for us. Those are things that strengthen us in our… Continue reading 4 Things You Should Do Every Day

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Too Many Pockets

I have too many pockets. It doesn't seem possible. I have lived by the old adage, "A place for everything and everything in its place." I considered myself organized because everything had a place. Recently, however, I realized I was forgetting which thing goes in which place.  How very sad! I do love organization and… Continue reading Too Many Pockets