Gracious Christian Living

The Spirit of Grace

TobySpread4-01.jpgA women’s dean once told a story that I have never forgotten.  One day a young woman came storming into her office. In the women’s dorms were washers and dryers that were shared by all of the residents. It seems one of the other young ladies had forgotten her clothes in one of the dryers. Now, the first young woman had a load of wet clothes and could not put them in the dryer.  She was frustrated and angry at what she felt was inconsiderate behavior . The dean spoke softly to the angry student. “You do not know why she has forgotten her clothes. She may have had an unexpected problem.  She may have had bad news from home.  What if instead of getting frustrated and angry, you took her clothes from the dryer and neatly folded them for her?  You would show kindness and you would have the use of the dryer.”

In our hectic, busy lives it is easy to think only of our needs, our schedules, and our problems. Taking time to consider others  completely changes our perspective. The Spirit of Grace inspires us to put others first. The Spirit of Grace distinguishes us from the world around us. A gracious woman retaineth honour: Proverbs 11:16 


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